Armstrong Pasadena, CA: Under the leaders of its originator, Herbert W

Globally Church regarding Jesus, Herbert W. Armstrong, it chapel refused one particular doctrines of evangelical Christianity, doubting the doctrine of your Trinity hvordan finne varme russisk kvinner, a complete deity out of Jesus Christ, plus the identity of Holy Heart. The church epitomized the fresh somewhat contemporary selection of beliefs and you will practices one became labeled as Armstrongism. Originating in the first 90s according to the management Armstrong’s successors, Joseph W. Tkach and his son Joe Tkach, this community have experienced exceptional doctrinal transformation. They today keep to help you a traditional evangelical status toward nature from Goodness additionally the gospel, practise the fresh Trinity and you will salvation by elegance alone, because of believe alone. Many their registration have gone to participate splinter groups you to however train vintage Armstrongism. Posts The fresh Ordinary Facts journal. Reputation readily available.


Yahweh’s System during the Messiah, David Barnard, Rockport, MO: Posts The particular owner Key, Unlocking Bible Specifics mag. Look for Sacred Title path.

Yin and you will Yang: Taoist layout, used in the fresh new Many years path, carrying that universe include a couple contrary energy forces (positive/negative; male/feminine, an such like.). They are both called for and you will each other must be harmonized having proper means. Which Yin and you will Yang and disperse from system so one an equilibrium must maintain wellness. New Ages alternative wellness procedure, instance acupuncture, are derived from attempts to balance so it so-called opportunity or chi. Whenever the are balanced, new Yin and you may Yang harmonize and body functions properly.

Yoga: Teaching (physical, intellectual or spiritual) predicated on East metaphysical assumptions designed to assist in enlightenment or self-realization. Needs sometimes include changed claims of understanding or uniting brand new professional toward impersonal pantheistic Jesus. Sort of Pilates include: Karma Yoga (religious relationship thanks to right perform), Bhakti Pilates (religious connection as a consequence of devotion so you’re able to an expert), Juana Pilates (religious commitment by way of undetectable studies), Raja Pilates (spiritual relationship courtesy intellectual control), Hatha yoga (religious partnership as a consequence of muscles control/meditation), Kundalini Yoga (religious relationship using paying attention inner opportunity) and you may Tantra Pilates (religious union through sexual strategies). Pilates viewpoints will be based upon the concept of reincarnation which can be removed from the Upanishads or other Hindu scriptures.

Yoga Search Community, Phildelphia, PA: East mysticism, yoga, reflection, choice data recovery practices (i.age., alternative fitness). Publishes the Pilates Lookup newsletter.

Yule: Occult holiday recognized to the shortest day’s the year, the wintertime solstice (December 21). Because of its personal distance in order to Xmas, the term Yule enjoys usually become put as the a beneficial designation for Christmas time.


Zen Buddhism: A department off Mahayana Buddhism considered has actually originated Asia in the theories from a good Buddhist master, Bodhidharma, about 600 BC, however, traced back of the advocates into the Buddha themselves. Practitioners find satori (abrupt lighting enabling bliss and you can harmony), and that can not be said but simply experienced. Procedure include zazen (resting meditation procedure) and you may koans, which are brief riddles otherwise sayings. The fresh koans (and this matter regarding the 1,700) are not made to enjoys intellectual solutions however, to market the brand new connection with Zen.

Zen Grasp Rama, an effective.k.a. Frederick P. Lenz: Occult, old Egyptian traditions, reflection, Atlantis. Called the device guru whose software providers, Complex Expertise, Inc., has been named a hiring arm to own their attention control, Modern category. Find Zen Buddhism.

Zoroastrianism, Zoroaster: Religion thought to be oriented on 600 BC in the Persia (present day Iran). Considering legend, Zoroaster obtained enlightenment from the Daitya river when, within ages 29, he acquired an eyesight from Vohu Manah (“A good Imagine”) who got your toward visibility out of lord Ahura-Mazda. Lord Mazda trained Zoroaster the “true religion,” rejecting magic and you can idol worship and generating religion during the paradise, heck, a demon (Angra-Mainyu) and something genuine god. Later on supporters, not, worshipped Zoroaster as well as Mazda. A great Lord Mazda and you can worst Angra Mainyu are seen since the equal for the energy. Instructs enlightenment and you may salvation of the performs, as well as flames praise and you can partaking of your hallucinogenic haoma (soma inside the India).