The guy complains that he is alone, which results in Raj loathing themselves and you may being forced to end up being reassured from their really worth

He used to have a mental standing Australsk kvinder called choosy mutism, a reputable societal anxiety and this rendered him struggling to chat to help you women (with the exception of nearest and dearest, have been apparently unaware of their standing, and deaf female, once the observed in “The new Wiggly Digit Catalyst” when he you will chat before Emily), even when he easily unearthed that he had been capable briefly overcome this dilemma by consuming often alcoholic drinks-that has had dinners and you can treatments or experimental anti-stress procedures. Regrettably, the brand new alcoholic beverages altered his identification while the medication tended to provides ill effects, eg involuntary face and you can hand motions, death of rationality, or jovially stripping undressed publicly instead of cognizance of its poor character. Raj was also capable cam regarding the exposure of women when they have been part of a large group, if the he was unaware of its presence, or if perhaps the guy thought that he’s got come having a drink (an effective placebo effect, once the noticed in “This new Terminator Decoupling” when he were able to communicate with Summer Glau when you are drinking alcohol, nevertheless when Howard realized that the latest alcohol are non-alcohol, he could not keep in touch with their). When Lucy dumped him About year six finale, “This new Bon Voyage Effect,” he receive when you’re speaking with Penny he is. really, talking-to Penny, even though he previously maybe not consumed any alcoholic drinks just like the earlier night, and that produced him understand that breaking some thing regarding having Lucy appeared to greeting your to in the end defeat their selective mutism. As of year eight, he not need alcoholic drinks so you’re able to talk at the front of women though it performed temporarily return when he very first tried to have sex together with put up bride Anu.

You to priple of one’s second try whenever, during the “Brand new Like Auto Displacement”, the guy enters Leonard and Penny’s space while they’re about to has sex, climbs toward sleep and you will visits bed, entirely unacquainted with exactly what the guy interrupted

One of Raj’s number one character quirks at the side of his selective mutism try their tendency to talk or operate inappropriately in the most common things. Toward an alternate event, he openly recognized which have had crushes into the Penny and you will Bernadette actually before them, at exactly the same time causing them to awkward and while making Amy disturb, and fails to acknowledge Amy’s change in disposition even after Cent and you may Bernadette’s discerning services to suggest they so you’re able to him. Observed in “The newest Santa Simulator”. Raj and his awesome nearest and dearest have generated advice like operating up to that have a good van to get students due to their suggested comic publication store and you will enticing these with chocolate, unknowingly recommending pedophilia.

Raj has also a desire for an abundance of instructions, video and tv shows which can be directed into feminine group, eg Twilight, The favorable Partner, Grey’s Structure, Sex additionally the Town, Eat, Pray, Love and you will Bridget Jones’s Log

If you find yourself constantly nice, Rajesh Koothrappali often relishes within his friends’ misfortunes, particularly when he really stands to help you selfishly take advantage of told you misfortunes (such as, instance, as he needs Bernadette, whom he previously a great break into the at that time, to break up with Howard, calculating which he you are going to after that take advantage and you will move around in towards her). Just in case Raj gets a thought otherwise desires to state things some controversial inside the a discussion, he whispers they into the Howard or someone else’s ear canal and if an effective woman is approximately. Howard really does won’t say it out loud while the the guy finds out they foolish, offensive, otherwise incorrect, but the guy turns out claiming they anyhow courtesy scoffing from the Raj. The guy also has objections having Howard usually, being similar to those of a married few. He could be known for having fun with “gangsta” jargon, such as for example “fo’ shizzle” and you can repeatedly making use of the term “dude”.

The guy provides learning DC Comics, since the carry out his family relations, but he hates Aquaman. Raj will obsesses more than nearly-insignificant facts when you look at the fiction, such as the way the bathroom work in Atlantis, the latest you’ll be able to symbolization of ponytails into the Avatar, if Wolverine’s prostate includes adamantium, what zombies do consume in the event the humankind went extinct, how vampires manage shave on their own since they are unable to pick its reflections, an such like. He has proficient in gaming and you can, particularly Sheldon and Howard, the guy idolizes Stephen Hawking. In place of another guys, Raj indicates higher demand for John Grisham books and you will Archie comics, aforementioned are distributed to Zack. The guy comes after his moms and dads desires and you will relays to them for the money since observed in the fresh episode together with drone. The guy mothers greatly follow the religion and this Raj as well as pursue yet not holiday breaks they just in case he could be drunk. Fundamentally he avoided providing their parent’s money and moved with the an apartment more their pal Bert’s driveway.